Online Course on Udemy

Embrace the power of your voice for relaxation and centring! You can approach Vocal Toning and learn more about the power of your voice with my online course on Udemy.

The course is designed to be usable by everyone and it is concise so that it can also be done all in a row.

It is structured in 18 lessons divided into 4 sections:

  • The first section is dedicated to explaining what “sound healing” is and how it works, with a particular focus on the technique of Vocal Toning.
  • The second section deals with breathing (with a guide to how abdominal breathing is practised) and the technique of intentional humming.
  • The third section is entirely dedicated to the chakras, what they are, what happens when they do not work as they should, and how to balance them by using your voice.
  • The fourth and last section includes the complete session of Vocal Toning for the rebalancing of the chakras.

Udemy Course

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anybody who wants to reach a state of well-being, positivity and energy.
  • If you feel tired or stressed and you are looking for relaxation, Vocal Toning is for you.
  • The course is also meant for those who are curious about the voice and its potentialities.