Vocal Toning: well being with your voice

A sound healing technique exploiting the vibration of your voice.

Vocal Toning is a vibrational energy process based on the vocal emission of specific frequencies which restore harmony and balance in us.
That sounds complex, but the principle is elementary: the vibration of your voice can generate well-being for you.

It works in the same way as gong baths and treatments with Tibetan bowls, but with Vocal Toning, you learn to use the vibration of your voice as a massage from the inside. This works for relaxation and well-being, using techniques that you can then practice yourself.
And using the voice is so easy and straightforward: your voice is always with you and costs nothing, not to mention that it requires no skill or singing talent. After learning simple exercises of voice emission, you can improve your well-being through your voice.

Based on the chakra system, Vocal Toning also has positive physical effects. Voice emission acts on the cardiovascular system and the nervous system, positively influencing mood and well-being.
Vocal Toning is a perfect way to turn off the outside noise but also the constant noise inside the head.

Your voice is a miracle!

A healing song for you